Energy-saving "Green" technologies

There is an experience in developing systems using energy-saving technologies, such as:

  • Photovoltaic panels for generating electricity
  • wind power generation for electricity generation
  • working with the masses of the structures to shift the moments of inertia of the transmitted energy into the room
  • Individual source of heat supply (individual boiler house or source of co-generation or energy tri-generation).
  • Heat pumps using ground heat, exhaust air heat and waste water heat.
  • Solar collectors in the hot water supply system
  • Apartment heating systems with heat meters and with individual regulation of the thermal conditions of the premises.
  • Mechanical exhaust ventilation system with individual regulation and utilization of exhaust air heat.
  • Housing controllers that optimize heat consumption for heating and ventilation of apartments.
  • Enclosing structures with increased thermal protection and specified heat resistance.
  • Utilization of heat of solar radiation in the thermal balance of the building on the basis of the optimal choice of translucent enclosing structures.
  • Devices using diffuse solar radiation to increase the illumination of rooms and reduce energy consumption for lighting.
  • Selection of sunshade structures taking into account the orientation and seasonal irradiance of the facades.
  • Use of heat from the return water of a district heating system for underfloor heating in bathrooms.
  • Control system for heat and power supply, microclimate of premises and engineering equipment of the building on the basis of the mathematical model of the building as a single heat and power system.

Also services for the assessment and receipt of ecology standards LEED/BREAAM