Master planning automation

Development of the most cost efficient solutions for residential real estate projects. How do we achieve this?  Automated master plan preparation. Development of the master plan of the Project taking into account the needs of the inhabitants, the town-planning restrictions of the Land Plot, the requirements of regulatory documentation, insolation restrictions, value-engineering analysis of the applied structures and materials.

The result is achieved with the help of a software package that allows you to select the most effective combination of building parameters (the configuration of the construction site, the mutual arrangement of sections, the number of sections, the construction of public spaces, the placement of engineering infrastructure components) in automatic mode.

Thus, the ideal solution is developed within  few minutes.  Preparation of ergonomic functional schemes for apartments and public areas. The planning decisions of the apartments are carried out as much as possible functional (taking into account the needs of the Client) and with the most efficient use of space. MOPs are designed to be convenient and comfortable for the Client