The safety of our employees is the main principle of the policy of “Invecon” in the field of labor protection and safety.

Our priority is the absence of accidents on all projects. We believe that every accident can be prevented through careful risk analysis and the application of an effective HSE management system, ensuring safety and protecting the environment. Training on HSE, safety and environmental protection is regularly conducted for employees of our company and subcontractors. Emergencies and cases are studied during training sessions. For all workers in the construction site, in accordance with the specifics of their work, safety instruction is provided. Less experienced personnel undergo vocational training before starting work on their project. Although each employee is responsible for his personal safety, we support the idea of mutual responsibility and help ensure that our employees also monitor the safety of their colleagues.

"Invecon" regularly assesses the risks associated with occupational safety and industrial safety. If there is a risk of such risks, a strategy is used to alert employees and immediately take protective measures.

We encourage our employees to act in accordance with established procedures in the field of labor protection, environment and safety and provide them with appropriate insurance.

"Invecon" follows high standards in the field of labor protection and safety and constantly improves its policy in this area.